Our Services

Who can we help?

We work with anyone who identifies as a parent -- adoptive parents, foster parents, biological parents, mothers, fathers, grandparents.

We support any & all families impacted by perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

We work with children ages 0-12 years old. 

We welcome clients of all genders, sexual orientations, spiritual beliefs, races, ethnic backgrounds, and family constellations

How can we help?

  • Adjusting to parenthood

  • Challenging behaviors

  • Prenatal and postpartum wellness

  • Work-life balance, returning to work

  • Concerns about developmental delays

  • Support around miscarriage and perinatal loss

  • Support for adoptive and foster parents

  • Support for parents as they identify and cope with their child’s developmental delays and diagnosis

  • Assessment of parent-child attachment and therapeutic intervention to support healthy relationship and heal attachment wounds

  • Healing around developmental traumas/family of origin wounds

  • Individual therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Play therapy

  • Family therapy

  • EMDR therapy

  • Parent coaching

  • Grief and loss

  • Infertility

  • Anxiety

  • Tantrums

  • Birth trauma

  • Maternal identity